The Best Halloween Ideas for 2019

15 Hardcore DIY Halloween Projects

Halloween is the perfect holiday for DIYers with plenty of cool projects to tackle even if you wait til the last minute.

A dilapidated, haunted house in Maine.
8 Ways To Fix Your Haunted House
The lights flicker on and off. The doors mysteriously shut by themse…
The Best Halloween Movies on Netflix
Whether you like gory horror or want to watch something family-frien…
The Anatomy of a Fright-Filled Horror House
Chainsaws, motorized alligator, and undead clowns: Behind the scenes…
14 Very Fine DIY Halloween Costumes
Don't settle for a store-bought costume when you can create somethin…
Halloween Pumpkin Lantern
How to Carve a Pumpkin Like a Pro

It's an old tradition, but these tips will hopefully make things go smoothly and safely.

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15 Classic Halloween Movies That Will Never Get Old

Whether you like a good scare or are more into friendly ghosts, there's something for everyone on this list.

The 15 Best Haunted Houses Across America

Here are the most terrifying attractions to knock your socks off this Halloween.

25 best zombie games
The 25 Best Zombie Video Games

Because all the best video games take braaaaains to play.

This DIY Halloween Monster Is a Perfect Spooky Project

Need an easy-to-make but spooky Halloween project to make your house more horrifying?

4 Great Halloween Costumes From the PM Archives

These retro DIY costumes are hilarious, and you can make them in just a few hours.

The High-Tech Horror Show: How the Unreal Haunted Houses at Universal Orlando Are Built

We got to check out last year's builds, learned some secrets for 2018.

Cropped Image Of Person Carving Pumpkin At Table
These Pumpkin Tools Will Carve Your Jack O'Lantern in a Jiffy

Forget those flimsy plastic saws, and upgrade your pumpkin carving tools this year.

Meet the DIYers Making Cool Wheelchair Costumes for Kids

Magic Wheelchair came up with even more amazing ideas for Halloween 2017.

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A Neural Network Generated the Best Halloween Costume Ideas We've Ever Heard

From "The Spongebog" and "Sexy Lamp" to "Shower Witch" and "Grankenstein."

Epicerie Boulud Chocolate Skull Cake for Halloween 2017
These Skull-Shaped Cakes Are Spooktacular for Halloween

Not quite deadly, but definitely delicious!

12 Superhero Halloween Costumes You're Never Too Old to Wear

Help save the world this holiday!

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3 Scary Halloween Ideas

For a unique DIY treatment for your house and yard, pick a ghoulish theme.

Twisted, Extreme Halloween Pumpkins

These twisted Halloween pumpkins will inspire your next carving session.

How to Stage Your Own Zombie Invasion

Thinking about spooking this year's trick-or-treaters with an army of the undead? Here's what you'll need.

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