This Giant Harpoon Was Built to Clean Up Space Junk

It's one of several ways scientists are trying to clear the skies, before it's too late.

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Small-Scale Nuclear Fusion Experiment Produces Record Efficiencies

The small scale nuclear fusion is highly efficient, opening up avenues for materials science and particle physics research.

The Hilarious (and Terrifying) Ways Algorithms Have Outsmarted Their Creators

Evolutionary algorithms can turn up ingenious, unexpected solutions. They also love to cheat.

How NASA Tech Helps This Jacket Battle the Elements

If it can insulate rovers on Mars, it can insulate you.

Navy's New Attack Submarine Named Colorado to Join the Fleet

The 377-foot-long sub weighs about 7,800 tons submerged.

Public Rec Just Made the Perfect Gym Backpack

A backpack you can bring to the gym and everywhere else? The want is strong here.

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Ski Lift Goes Into Overdrive, Injures Eight

The chair lift at a ski resort in the country of Georgia started accelerating and going backward, according to this video.

Bridge Collapse Puts Spotlight on Rapid Building Technique
The question is where was the fatal mistake: in the design of the bridge, in the way its construction was carried out, or in the materi…
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Geoengineered Glaciers Could Help Slow Rising Seas

Massive underwater projects could help keep sea levels in check.

Plane Loses 7 Tons of Gold After Door Blows Off During Takeoff

A plane in Siberia carrying over $300 million worth of gold, diamonds, and platinum loses most of it shortly after takeoff.

Sky Phenomenon 'Steve' Is Finally Explained

It looks like the northern lights, but Steve is different.

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One of Our Favorite Thermoses Is $20 Off Right Now

Keep your hot things hot and your cold things cold

Your First Look at the 2020 Ford Bronco

Ford teased the upcoming Bronco with this image of a boxy, upright 4x4, along with plenty of news about other future products.

U.S. Military Helicopter Crash In Iraq Kills 7

All seven service members aboard a U.S. helicopter that crashed in Iraq were killed, the Pentagon said Friday in a written statement.

An 'Acoustic Lighthouse' Could Save Birds From Flying Into Wind Turbines

The tech could save hundreds of thousands of birds per year.

What Happens When a Boring Toyota Crossover Becomes a Ridiculous Racing Rig

This Race-Spec CH-R sport compact dominates the track with a turbocharged 600 hp engine.

My 450-Mile Canoe Trip

The Hudson River is a lovely place for a boat ride—except for the bridge traffic.

ancient tools kenya
Discovered: 300,000-Year-Old Tools and Paints That Point to Early Humanity's Cleverness

Findings out of Kenya offer a new understanding of when early humans got organized and started trading.

Report: Several People Killed in Pedestrian Bridge Collapse

The collapse crushed at least five vehicles.

Kepler Space Telescope Is Almost Out of Fuel

The exoplanet-hunting telescope is on its last legs.

China Is Already Planning Its Next-Generation Fighter Jet

The developer of the J-20 says Beijing won’t rest on its laurels.

The Best Canoeing Gear
Long canoeing trips are like any kind of trek: The degree of fun is directly proportional to the quality of preparation. Bring the righ…
Here Is the e-Tron GT, Audi's New Sleek Electric Sports Car

The e-Tron GT is set to be Audi Sport's first EV.

Electric Ferries Will Soon Float Down the Fjords

These electric ships might be able to mitigate some of the climate damage caused by the shipping industry.